CuriOdyssey At Coyote Point

We took a trip to the CuriOdyssey museum at Coyote Point in San Mateo yesterday and had a fabulous time.   They are open Tues-Sunday from 10am-5pm.  The busiest times are in the morning.  People start to go home around 1:00 and then we had the entire place to ourselves.  We also started by looking at the animals outside first so all the indoor exhibits were less crowded as people filtered throughout the museum and went home.


The cost is is $9.50 for kids 2 and older and $12.50 for adults.  We were able to get in for 50% off with our Happy Hollow Passes and if you have a membership to the San Francisco Zoo you can get in for that discount as well.  They also have several free community days. It is $6 to park, which seems like a bit much, but it gives you access to the marina, magic mountain playground and a bunch of hiking trails as well as the museum.  It is located in such a beautiful spot along the waterfront.  It would be worth it just to go and walk around all the trails outside.


So onto what this museum actually has inside.  I was impressed by their animal exhibits.  They only have a few but you can view them indoor and outdoor.  They have a bobcat, a fox, raccoons, a skunk, snakes, a golden eagle, and a lot of other birds in their aviary.  Our favorite and the most active animals were the river otters.  They kept swimming up to the glass and giving the kids high fives.  It was adorable. Daily they also do a meet and greet with an animal.  There are volunteers walking around that the kids can ask questions to and they have props for them to touch like pelts of skunks  and river otters.

Inside the museum there is an all open floor with a bunch of scientific exhibits with water, sound, light, wind, etc.  It’s all hands on and your kid can do everything at their own pace.  One of my boys played with the wind tunnel for 30 minutes while the other explored all the things surrounding.  Then we went together down the hall of mirrors and enjoyed our lunch on some benches inside.

While we were there we got to check out the Illuminodyssey exhibit which is only going to be there until the end of the week.  It was a beautifully done light exhibit the kids had fun exploring.  I got some neat pictures and videos with the music blasting and they just ran around until they got tired.  We spent a total of 3 hours here and enjoyed ourselves completely.


Before we went home we headed down a simple trail to the waterfront and watched the airplanes heading to SFO.  Then on our way out we stopped at Magic Mountain Playground.  It is a great castle themed playground equipped with slides, swings, dragons, horse rocking chairs, and more.  We will be coming here again for sure!

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