Vancouver in a Day with Kids

Our family went on an amazing cruise adventure to Alaska, you can check out my post for more information here (Our Alaskan Cruise).  Our cruise ship ended in Vancouver, Canada.  We only had one day to spend before we flew home so we did our best to make the most of it.  Neither of us had ever been here before so we decided to take a tour.  We booked a 4 hour Vancouver City Tour and would highly recommend it to those having a short stay in the city.  Having someone else drive us around not only saved us on parking and having to rent a car but made it so we could cover a lot more ground in a short amount of time.  We also really enjoyed our tour guide who gave us lots of information about the history of the city and Canada as well as pointed out the most popular places and monuments.  They picked us up and dropped us off at our hotel as well, making everything super convenient.  On the tour they gave us ample time at each stop so with that said here is what we were able to see and do in 24 hours with kids in Vancouver.


Granville Island Public Market.  One of our favorite places we got to explore.  Filled with all kinds of smells and colors and lots and lots of people.  This was definitely a favorite local hang out.  There were so many great shops and restaurants.  We had lunch here and splurged on a few pastries and desserts as well.



Vancouver Lookout atop Harbour Center.  This was included in our 4 hour city tour but tickets are normally $17.50 an adult and $14.50 for seniors, $12.50 for students and youth 13-18, and $9.50 for children.  The Lookout is a  high speed elevator that takes you up 550 feet to the observation deck.  We spent a good half hour here looking around the city.  You get a fabulous view of the city the mountains and the Pacific ocean.  Our kids were captivated.

Stanley Park. People drive, bike or take a horse drawn sleigh.  We drove around it.  There are lots of places to stop and look and get out and explore. The park is home to cedar, fir and hemlock trees.  Some we pulled over and were able to walk inside.  It was a beautiful drive through a forrest with glimpses of the ocean and the city through the towering trees.


Prospect Point.  A great lookout point with a short walk to view the harbor and lions gate bridge.  Amazing wild flowers here as well as a cafe and picnic tables.


Lions Gate Bridge.  Their version of the golden gate bridge but green!  Such an amazing man made architectural work of art.

First Nation Totem Poles in Brockton Point. A small area to pull over and view some first settler totem poles.  We had fun reading the descriptions on the markers as to what each animal represented.


Burrard Inlet is a great place to get down to the waterfront and view the ships and sail boats coming in and out of the harbor.


Gastown is a part of the city filled with beautiful Victorian buildings.  They have a lot of souvenir shops and art galleries as well as good places to eat.  There was also an old steam clock that whistles.


Chinatown in Vancouver is huge.  Our tour guide said they have the largest population of Chinese outside of China.  There were streets and streets of shops and red lanterns with good food and cheap souvenirs.


Well that was our day in a nutshell.  Vancouver has so much more to offer we will have to come back again soon.  What are some of your favorite things to do in the city?

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