Gizdich Ranch


Gizdich Ranch located in Watsonville is a wonderful family friendly ranch surrounded by a beautiful countryside atmosphere. It is open daily from 9am-5pm. We went this weekend and enjoyed having a picnic lunch by a tractor and running around some hay bales.  The boys loved checking out all the farm equipment as this is a fully operating ranch.  You can take self-guided walking tours throughout the farm and even watch the apple juice pressing on Saturdays from September-May.


Be sure to stop by their bake shop and try a delicious piece of pie.  We usually go there first because of shorter lines in the mornings.  It also can take an hour for your pie to be made due too the popularity.  We ordered our pie, then enjoyed the farm, and picked it up on our way out.  Another special treat to enjoy at Gizdich is their fresh fruit juices.  You can’t beat the taste of fresh squeezed apple juice.

On the ranch there are many Pik-Yor-Self options.  In the summer you can pick a variety of berries.  They have Strawberries from May-September, Olalliberries in June, Boysenberries in June, Raspberries in June and July, and Blackberries in July.  They use all of these in their pies and they are mouth watering.

Apple picking is another fun way to spend your time here.  The apple season is from August- September.  They had 5 different types of apples you could pick from in their Pik-Yor-Self orchards; Red Delicious, Golden Declicious, Newton Pippen, Fuji, and Royal Gala.  All are conveniently located near the barn.  You can either park right next to the orchard or walk along the road a little ways from the barn.  Apples are $1.55 per lb.  The kids enjoyed picking and eating them straight from the tree.  It wasn’t hard to fill up our buckets.



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