Moffett Field Historical Society Museum


We had a wonderful day at the Moffett Field Historical Society Museum.  They are located in Mountain View.  Open Wednesday through Saturday from 10am-3pm.  Admission is $8 an adult and $3 for youth 13-17 and children under 12 are Free!  They have wonderful veterans there to give a docent lead tour.  Ours happened to be a WWII vet who had flown almost every type of plane imaginable as well as being stationed on aircraft carriers during the war.  He showed us around for over an hour and half and told us lots of wonderful stories.

My kids really loved learning about the blimps.  They can stay in flight for up to a week and have a dozen planes inside ready to take off in the air and then hook back up and be brought into the blimp for more fuel and maintenance.

Around the museum are many airplanes from every era hanging from the ceilings.  In another room there is a Aircraft cockpit the kids can climb in.  They have a dog tag machine if you want to personalize a dog tag for yourself.  They also had a light they used on aircraft carriers to do morse code to other carriers so as not to be heard by enemy submarines.  The kids got a chance to flick the light on and off a few times.

Outside the museum you can walk around a cold war helicopter, a blue angels plane, and basic training WWII Plane, and a spy plane, a NASA prototype plane and more.  They are situated in front of the humungous hangar that use to hold all the blimps and planes for the navy and army during various times in history.  We had a great experience here and learned a lot about the history of planes.



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