Things to do in Rexburg Idaho

1. Brigham Young University Idaho. This place will always have a special place in my heart as it is my alma mater.  I have so many fond memories of walking around campus there. You can eat lunch at the cafeteria, go to devotionals, play sports, watch concerts, sing hymns under the stadium, and work out at the gym.  This place is full of amazing people and a special spirit.


2.  Rexburg LDS Temple.  You cannot miss this beacon on top of the hill.  This place is a perfect spot to watch the sunsets and do some temple work.  Be prepared to wait in long lines.  There are lots of students who frequent the temple weekly.

Conference Weekend 097

3. Visit Thomas E. Ricks Gardens at BYU-Idaho.  A peaceful place to walk around and enjoy the beauty of nature.


4. Watch a public show at the BYU Planetarium. Thursdays at 7pm it is only $2 to get in and see the starts, planets, and constellations.

5. Have a cupcake at the Cocoa Bean Cafe.  It’s hard to choose from all the flavors.  And they are so delicious.


6. Eat a burger at Big Juds. Famous for their 1 lb burger.  If you can eat the entire burger with fries and  a drink you can have your picture on the wall.  Directions: 411 W 7800 S Rexburg, ID.


7. Enjoy a movie at the TeTon VU Drive-In Movie Theater. Here you can sit back and relax with good food in the back of you car and watch a couple shows on the big screen after dark. Directions: 1114 N Yellowstone Hwy. Rexburg, ID.

8. Hike to R Mountain.  Get a great view of the entire valley on this easy hike.  Directions: To get there head West on Hwy 33 to Mile Marker 71.  About a quarter-mile past mile marker 71 turn left on East Butte Rd.  Go South for about 1 mile then turn right on Twin Butte Rd and head west to a paved parking area and the trail head.


9. Explore the Civil Defense Caves.  I spent many a night exploring these caves and playing hide and go seek with glow sticks.  Directions: From Rexburg, go North (Past Walmart) on the Salem Highway about 16.5 miles from the north Rexburg interchange. On the right side of the road there will be a yellow pile of rocks indicating the turn off. Turn right there. It’s about five miles to the caves from the turn off. On the dirt road, you will come to a fork in the road. Make sure you stay left.  There were, at one point, cement markers that looked somewhat like headstones which marked the way. One was right off the main road, and the other was at the fork, indicating to go left.


10. Have fun at the Sand Dunes and Egin Lake. The Sand Dunes and Egin Lake are located right next to one another.  This is a great place to have a fun time rolling down the sand dunes or if you are lucky ride around in a four wheeler.  The lake isn’t very deep which makes for a lot of fun water sports like football, volleyball, and frisbee.  You can walk around up to your knees quite a ways.  Just watch out for all the bugs.


11. Ice Caves.  Full of lots of tight spaces and a place to have an adventure.  Directions:
Head north out of town, as if you’re driving to the sand dunes. The turn off is just approximately 28 miles past Walmart. You will know you have arrived at the turn-off when you cross over a cattle guard, and see a white sign on the right side of the road that says, “Entering Clark County.” This turnoff goes diagonally northeast. Continue on this dirt road for approximately 3.3 miles. Keep your eyes open for a gaping hole in the ground. If you aren’t careful, you could very well drive right into the hole, which is at least a 20-foot sheer drop. Climb down into the hole and you should see the cave entrance.

12. Visit the Legacy Flight Museum.  Great place to visit.  Only $6 to get in.  They hold Biennial Air Shows that are really fun every once in a while.  Check their events schedule for dates and times.

air show 003

13.  Attend a Rodeo.  There are lots in the area.  You can go to the Rexburg, Rigby or Madison Rodeo.  They also have events for people to just walk on and sign up to ride a bull.  I had a couple of friends try.  It was a blast to watch.

14. Straw Mazes at Larsen Farms.  There are so many fun things to do in the Fall here.  Visit a Spud Farm, go on a haunted house tour, and get lost in the straw or corn mazes.

15. Waterslides or Climbing wall at Rexburg Rapids.  Fun local water park.

16. Mesa Falls. On the edge of Yellowstone get ready for a beautiful walk with some amazing scenery! Directions: From Ashton, drive north on Hwy 47 for about 15 miles to the signed turnoff for Upper Mesa Falls (0.7 miles past Lower Mesa Falls). From West Yellowstone, drive south for 35 miles on Hwy 20 to Hwy 47 (signed for Mesa Falls). Drive about 13 miles on Hwy 47 to the signed turnoff for Upper Mesa Falls. There will be a parking fee that is $3-$5 per car.


17. Monkey Rock.  Have a picnic, sunbathe and enjoy the waterfall. If you need an adrenaline rush jump off the bridge a couple hundred yards past. Have a fire at night with your friends.  Directions: From Rexburg take Hwy 20 going east. Turn right on 300 north.  The turn is right after the St. Anthony south exit sign.   You will go over some railroad tracks.  Continue on this road through a few stop signs, the road will begin to curve left.  Take a right. A little ways down the road on the right side you will find Monkey Rock. Keep going past Monkey Rock till the road ends. Park in the parking lot before the bridge.

18. The Sand Bar. Where else would have a diving board and a water slide into the Snake River? Plenty of fun for you and your friends.  Directions: South 3rd East near 1st South, Saint Anthony

19. Fun Farm Bridge. Need a little adrenaline rush? This is the perfect place for you. Jump off the bottom and work your way up to the top. Be careful! Directions: Get on Highway 20, going North towards St. Anthony. 2.8 miles past the St. Anthony exit, there is a brown sign on the right side of the road labeled Fun Farm Bridge. Turn left here. Follow this road for a short distance and then turn left onto 2650 E. Rd. After turning, the bridge will be right in front of you. You can’t miss it!


20. Hike Table Rock. One of the most breathtaking hikes in the area.

21. Travel to Island Park for the Day.  Less than an hour away.  There is a beautiful reservoir and lots of places to camp and hike.

22. Visit Idaho Falls.  Want to get out of the small town.  Head to Idaho Falls for the mall and some fun.

23. Make the Day Trip to Yellowstone. Only an hour and a half away you have access to Yellowstone National Park.  Here you can run into bison, elk, grizzly bears, geysers, mud pots, forests, lakes, waterfalls and more.  Such a beautiful place.

4th of July 093Yellowstone 105Yellowstone 149






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