Things to do at Lake Powell

Lake Powell 2010Summer038

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, the home of Lake Powell, is one of the most beautiful and artistic places on earth.  Our family has had a tradition vacationing there and this summer we took our boys for the first time.  There are so many things to do and sites to see around the lake.  Here is a partial list of some of our favorites.

1. Have fun doing various water sports.  Lake Powell is a great place to go tubing, skiing, wake boarding, knee boarding, kayaking, etc.  You can go out in the rough channel water or find your own cove with water as smooth as glass.  Lake Powell is so huge you can alway find a secluded spot even on a holiday weekend.

Lake Powell 2010Summer046

2. Get ice cream at the marina.  There are a bunch of great marina’s if you need a special treat or just ice and snacks for the boat.  We like to go to Wahweap or Bullfrog Marinas.  You can always find a bunch of ugly cat fish swimming by the docks to feed.


3. Go cliff jumping.  The canyon walls are shaped such that you can safely jump off a cliff and dive into the water below.  Make sure you find a good rock and be safe before jumping by using your boats depth finder to make sure the water is plenty deep.  Always wear a life jacket.


4. Play in the orange sand.  Can’t beat relaxing on the sand of your own private beach and building a sand castle or two.


5. Visit Horseshoe Bend.  This is a moderate 1.2 mile hike with an amazing view of the colorado river as it winds it’s way around the sandstone rocks.


6. Hike Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon.  You will need to book a tour to get here since it is on Navajo territory.  It is well worth the price.  We got a ride out to the canyons and had a great tour guide explaining about the formation of the canyon as well as showing great photo spots.  We used Antelope Canyon Tours.


7. Take a tour of the Dam at Carl Hayden Visitor Center. Want to learn more about how  this amazing reservoir was formed.  Walk across the dam and head over to the visitor center for some behind the scenes tour of the dam and how everything works.

AAN_0133DSC_0317 (2)IMG_7470

8. Visit the Pioneer Monument Hole in the Rock.   A steep 0.6 mile hike straight up the mountain where the early Mormon pioneers lowered their wagons and supplies through the canyon wall.


9. Take the long boat ride and hike to Rainbow Bridge.  This is the largest natural bridge in the world.  You can only reach it by boat and depending on the water levels it could be a short or long hike to the arch.  This epic monument is worth the long boat ride.  Make sure you bring lots of water as it can get pretty hot here and you don’t want to get dehydrated on your walk.

DSC_0020 (2)

10. Explore the Indian Ruins at Forgotten Canyon.  These fun cliff dwellings are close to Hall’s Crossing and Bullfrog Marina.  About a 13 mile boat ride.  You can only reach them by boat.  We usually dock on the small sandy shore and then hike the short distance to the canyon wall.  Once you make your way up to these old pueblo dwellings you are free to climb in and out and down the ladders as well as look at the paintings on the walls.  This is a very fun place to explore.


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