10 Tips for Taking Your Young Family to Disneyland

Disneyland is the happiest place on earth!   This is every child’s wonderland and such a fun place to take a family vacation.  Hope these 10 tips can you help you have a more enjoyable vacation experience.


1. Check Crowd Forecast Calendars on Is It Packed.com.  Knowing the best times to go can make a huge difference on your vacation experience.  If you go when Disneyland is clogged with wall to wall crowds, it could mean no fun for you and the kids.  Check the forecast calendars and try to go when the park will be a ghost town.  Peak times are usually around holidays, summer, weekends, and school breaks.  If you can take your kids during the off season you will have a better chance of not waiting in long lines and getting to go on all the rides.

2. Single Rider Lines-  Many of the more popular rides have the single rider lines.  You go all the way up to the front of the line and agree to ride alone when an empty spot comes up.  When my husband and I went with our small children we were going to be riding the roller coasters alone anyway so this helped us skip lines all together.  While someone went on a ride the other waited in line with the kids for their rides.


3. Child Swap- This is a great way to ride rides without waiting in the line twice because you have children to small to go on the ride.  The first person has to wait in the line and then when they are done you get a child swap pass for whoever had to sit out on the ride and two other people.  This was great when we went with family because it allowed multiple people to ride the ride without waiting in a line.

4. Fast passes –This is an incredible system created by Disney to help people ride the popular rides at specific times and bypass the lines.  Really take advantage of this.  You can only have one fast pass per attraction or entertainment.  So make sure you get fast passes for Hyperion Theater and World of Color at the same time you get passes for Cars, and Indiana Jones etc.  Another good way to use the fast pass system is hand in hand with the child swap.  Just have one person use a fast pass on the ride and then get a child swap at the gate.  You can ride double the rides that way.



5. Do a Character Breakfast– This was so much fun and allowed us to get a great meal and  be so close with so many of the characters we wanted to see most.  Since we saw them at the breakfast we got great pictures and didn’t have to waste our time waiting in line at the park.  This gave us more time for Disneyland fun!  There are many meal options to choose from and each has a little different dining experience and characters.


6. Use Disneyland App to see wait times for lines while you are in the park.  This can help you steer clear of traffic jams.

7.  Go to all the Parades and Shows– Disneyland is so much more then just rides.  Soak in the whole experience by not missing out on their spectacular shows like the Main Street Electrical Parade or Mickey’s Soundsational Parade in Disneyland and Frozen Live at the Hyperion Theater in California and World of Color in California Adventure.  The parades and shows were our kids favorite things.


8. Buy tickets for multiple days to save money and enjoy more of the fun.  A single day pass to Disneyland is $110.  If you buy a 2 day park pass it is $100 a day, 3 day pass is $90 a day, 4 day pass is $72.50, and 5 day pass is $61.  You save a lot of money going multiple days.  You can also save money by not doing park hopper passes.  Because we have small children we didn’t think we would be hopping from park to park.  We picked one park to stay at for the entire day and saved $15 a day.

9. Get the So Cal City Pass-  If you want to do more than just Disneyland look into the Southern California CityPass.  You can go to Sea World and Legoland as well.  Just to give you an idea if you buy a 3-day park hopper pass it is $315.  If you buy the Southern California CityPASS it is $353 and you get 3 days and disney one day at Legoland and one Day at Seaworld.  So it’s a super good deal.

10. Use  Get Away Today or Costco to find discounted Disneyland Tickets.



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