A Visit to the Oakland Zoo!


We took a fun trip to the Oakland Zoo  for my son’s birthday this last week.  He loves animals and this was great place to let him burn some energy outdoors while seeing a huge variety of animals from all over the world.

The Zoo is open from 10am-4pm every day.  Adventure Landing where the ride area is opens 11am-4pm on weekdays and 10am-4pm on weekends and some holidays.

General Admission to the zoo is $15.75 for children 2-14 and $19.75 for Adults.  If you want to find a cheaper way to visit the zoo check out Groupon where you can usually get 30% off.  If you are a member of another Zoo’s and Aquariums Reciprocal Museum you can get 50% off as well (i.e. Happy Hollow).

Parking at the zoo is $10 and this zoo is a hard one to park across the street and walk for free.  You must pay for parking otherwise it would be a long uphill far away walk.


Compared to other zoo’s I would say this zoo is rather small.  They still have a few of the bigger animals including Giraffes, Elephants, Lions, Tigers, Bears, and Monkeys but they don’t have any Hippos, Rhinos, or Gorillas.  The Zoo is also not an easy loop to navigate.  You have to walk down a path to see animals and then back track to go down another trail to see animals.  It was ok because we got to see the giraffes 3 times and we walked around the entire zoo in 3 hours but a little annoying when you had to find a bathroom which there were only two in the entire park.


With that being said the animal exhibits were so up close.  We got sprayed by an elephants trunk drinking from his pool of water and sprayed again from a giraffe taking a swig from his pool as well.  It made it super easy for my little ones to spot where the animals were.  There were also a few great informing zookeepers that let us touch an elephant tusk and see what an elephant foots bones are shaped like.


There were a couple spots in the zoo where the kids could just play around.  One playground located by the Bug exhibit and another by the Otters.  We spent a lot of time climbing on frogs, turtle shells, spider webs, and hopping from one lily pad to the next.

Before you go also check out the animal feeding schedule.  We were able to hit up most of the animals while they were being fed and my boys loved it.  The animals were super active as their lunches came out which made it much more fun to watch.


My kids were dying to pet all the other animals so they were so excited when we made it to the farm petting zoo area.  There we got to pet lots of goats and sheep.


This zoo also has something rather unique at their adventure landing.  They offer several rides.  Not just the typical zoo Train Ride but a Sky Ride, Safari Ride, Carousel, Tiger Trek, Retro Racing, and Pilot Training attractions.  You have to buy tickets to go on all of them and each ride is 1-2 tickets.  The tickets cost $1.75 each.

Our trip to the zoo was a success and we really enjoyed our day here.  Go check out the Oakland Zoo for yourselves!

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