All About the Jelly Belly Factory Tour

Looking for a fun Easter activity to do with the family?  We headed over to the Jelly Belly Candy Company in Fairfied, California.  It’s quite the drive and you may have to cross a toll bridge but it’s well worth the visit.


The Visitor Center is open from 9am-5pm every day of the week.  They offer free factory tours from 9am-4pm every day as well.  Just note you can only see the factory up and running on a weekday, except for special occasions like Easter and other holiday weekends.  You can check if the factory is in full action on their Event Calendar.

To go on a tour, you just have to get in the line in the roped off areas.  The tours start approximately every ten minutes.  In the off season you will probably have no wait time at all.  During busy days or holidays there may be a wait.  During this Easter Spring Break season you should go either right when it opens around 9 am or wait until afternoon after 2 pm.  The first time we had to wait in line for about 30 minutes but when we went this last time around 2:30 there was no wait at all.


The FREE Factory Tour has been updated and improved since we last went.  Now instead of following a factory worker who is narrating the tour and hard to hear they let you take the tour at your own pace with 18 HD/4K quality videos at different stations.  This was perfect for our slower paced toddlers who had their eyes glued to the viewing windows whenever they saw a robot or forklift in action.  The factory tour is an easy 1/4 mile loop along an elevated track in which you look down to see all the different stages of making a jelly belly.  You can see the production, packaging, flavoring, and more!

They also have several interactive exhibits where you can be tested on jelly belly facts, smell different jelly belly flavors, and even play an interactive game trying to keep jelly bellys from getting into your soccer goal.  There is also lots of Jelly Belly art hanging all around. These are made with over  15,000 jelly beans perfectly placed.


At the end of the tour they give everyone free boxes of Jelly Beans.  My favorite!  They also had the Easter bunny waiting to take his picture with you and give you even more jelly beans.  There was no line for the Easter Bunny when we went and the kids thought it was so cool.  They were also super nice about letting you take your own photos although they did take professional ones and try and sell you a photo package.


After your tour head down to the Jelly Belly Candy Store.  Here you can purchase all the jelly beans you can imagine, including your favorite flavors in bulk.  They also have Belly Flops (jelly beans that didn’t make the cut) to purchase as well.  The prices are $10 for a 2lb back or buy 3 get 2 free.  Not the best prices ever, but they are so good!


You can also head over to the Sample Bar and they let you pick three flavors to try at a time.  They don’t just make jelly beans they also have a Chocolate Shoppe and Fudge Counter with samples as well.  This is where I tried chocolate covered bacon for the first time.  It was disgusting, but at least I got to try it for free!  So make your way over to the Jelly Belly Factory this Easter and have some fun!




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