General Conference Activities for Young Families

General Conference is one of my favorite times of year. I love it so much because I always feel so enriched afterwards.  We also had many family traditions centered around it.  We would spend quality time as a family with all the girls going out to dinner during priesthood session or enjoying a fabulous breakfast during the morning sessions.

Now that I have kids I want to make it something special for them.  Getting young ones to sit still for four 2-hour sessions can be a challenge.  I also wanted to find a way to feel that spirit from conference in our home.  I decided last conference to come up with activities to not only keep them quiet so I can listen, but to help them also concentrate and listen and learn something from Conference.


I did not spend more than a couple hours prepping and it made a huge difference.  Now, I also have a great store of Sunday activities and family home evening supplies. It was well worth the time spent.  So here are some ideas.


First I printed out a picture of all the apostles and presidencies of the church that I found on a post for General Conerence Ideas for Kids from Brightly Street. Then I laminated them so I could use them for future years.  I stuck each of the pictures to a paper bag.  Then in each bag I put a different activity.  So during conference when a new speaker came to the pulpit they got to open that specific brown paper bag.


This kept them engaged in the speakers and had them noticing the person talking and their voice. I tried not to rush them on to the next bag and allowed them to play with whatever they were playing with as long as it kept their interest.  I didn’t do anything special for songs or prayers so if their interest ran out they went on to a bag we had skipped.  I also manipulated which activities they did strongly so don’t go all crazy and tape your bags shut you might have to re order what activities come in what bags.  Below are links to some ideas of what to put in each bag.  Hope you enjoy!


Activities with a Little Prep




  • Dry Erase Marker Coloring from Mom’s Have Questions Too
  • Make Puzzles out of pictures from the friend by cutting out pictures and gluing them on to card stock.  Then cutting them out and laminating them.









  • Play with Jesus Felt Story Board Pieces I made my own with pictures I printed and then ironed on to felt or you can buy pre made ones on Amazon.


  • I have found lots of church treasures at the Dollar Store they always have some sort of Bible coloring book or sticker book or card games.  Look for these there now!

Activities with No Prep 

  • Throwing Bean Bags into a bucket
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Building with Blocks
  • Playing with Mr. Potato Head
  • Drawing on the Magna Doodle
  • Water Coloring
  • Playing Trains
  • Drawing on the Easel with Chalk


  • Playing with Stamps
  • Doing Lacing Cards make your own or buy some Melissa and Doug ones


  • Puzzles
  • Send them outside to play on their own (Sandbox, slides, toys, etc)
  • Build with Duplos or build Lego temples



  • Look at Church Books
  • Look at Friend Magazine


  • Make paper airplanes
  • Play with Magnets
  • Window Stickers
  • Put money into a Tithing Box




  • Cutting practice with Paper and scissors
  • Have fun with Stickers
  • Make Cards for Grandma and Grandpa

Specific Activities for Each Prophet and Apostle for older children




One thought on “General Conference Activities for Young Families

  1. Wow Whitney! You guys really go all out! We did something fun like this back in NC. Each family would create one thing, then make several copies of that activity and we got a count doing that with how many wanted to participate. Anyway, then we got together for play date and put one of each of our things in each others bags… puzzles, bingo etc. It was great! Thanks for sharing.


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