Things to do in Cancun

1. Chichen Itza 

Famous ancient Mayan archeological site.  Here you can see many ancient structures from the Pyramid, Great Ball Court, Platform of Venus, Temple of the Warriors, Thousand Columns, Steam Bath, El Mercado, Temple of the Tables and more.  They are still uncovering buildings here so it is always changing.  You can spend a super long time here.  It was our favorite thing we did.  The tour guide was excellent.  Just make sure whatever tour you book you have plenty of time to see everything.

Cancun HoneyMoon 089

2. Tulum Ruins

Another Mayan archeological site.  Far prettier and well kept than Chichen Itza but they have smaller structures.  The largest one is the Castillo castle perched on the edge of the cliff.  This was an ancient seaport village so it is located right on an amazing aqua beach.  Everything is lush and green with iguanas lurking around every corner.

3. Xel-Ha

Think of it as a snorkeling theme park.  Lots of people, lots of food, lots of water and lots of things to do.  Xel-Ha is located in the heart of the Riviera Maya.  They had many lagoons and caves to snorkel in.  We saw a variety of fish, sting rays, crabs, and more.  We went tubing on a tropical river run, explored jungle trails, went down a zip line, went on some rope courses and bridges build over the lagoon.  There were also endless amounts of food and drinks everywhere.  We wish we would of had more time here.  There was so much to explore!

4. Centotes

Cenotes are natural sinkholes and underwater caves.  We got to visit one on the same tour that took us to Chichen Itza.  It was freezing but we jumped in!

5. Downtown Cancun

Lots of really safe places in the Hotel Zone.  Modern malls and restaurants but if you take a bus to the heart of the city that’s where we found lots of local taco stands.  We fell in love with Tacos Al Pastor and had to have it 3 times.  You an take buses all around for really cheap.  You can find farmers markets and murals along all the street corners.


6. Hotel Attractions

Take advantage of all your hotel has to offer.  We had free shows we could go to every night, fancy dining, unlimited drinks, parties by the pool and more.

Cancun HoneyMoon 003

7. Watch a Traditional Mayan Dance

Usually included in tour packages with a meal.  Really fun and fantastic food!

Cancun HoneyMoon 071

8. Beaches of Cancun 

Such a large stretch of beach in front of all the hotels.  We spent most of our time here because it was so close.  We also explored a lot calmer beaches away from the tourist area when we met up with a friend.  Don’t be afraid to wander off the beaten path.

Cancun HoneyMoon 147

9. Interactive Aquarium

Located in the Isla Shopping Village at the edge of the Hotel Zone.  Here you can see or swim with the dolphins.  They have thousands of different species of fish.  Touch tanks and more.  We also stayed and watched a fun little dolphin and sea lion show.



10. Shop for Souvineers

One of the greatest things about Mexico are all the bargaining and cheap deals you can find.  Explore the streets and have fun picking up things to take home and remember your trip.  We came home with Mayan Calendars, a jaguar head, a conch shell, lots of jewelry, and more!




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