History Park at Kelley Park


Want to take a step back in time and visit an Old San Jose town with horse and buggy, steam engine, trolleys, schoolhouses and more?  Check out History Park at Kelley Park.  Located right by the Japanese Friendship Gardens and Happy Hollow this is a free part of Kelley Park that is open Mon-Fri 12pm-5pm to walk around and Sat-Sun 11am-5pm the museums and other shops are open to explore.  We found parking along the street for free but you can also pay $6 to park in the lot close by on 625 Phelan Avenue.

You can spend several hours here with all there is to see.  Lots of great photo back drops for pictures.  Lots of picnic tables and open grass area for little ones to run.  They have an old gas station, printing office, cable car museum, schoolhouse, black smith shop, stables, lots of Victorian time period homes just mention a few.


My kids loved being right next to the large steam engine.  They couldn’t resist walking all around and hoping up on the caboose.


Don’t miss out getting some old fashioned candy  or a scoop of ice cream at O’Brien’s Candy Factory.  It’s located right in the middle of the old fashioned bank and hotel.


Scattered throughout the town are museums centered on individual cultures or countries that highlight the immigrants the came from all over to settle in California.  They had a Chinese Museum, Vietnamese Museum, Portuguese Museum, and more.


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