All about the Exploratorium in San Francisco


We took a trip up to San Francisco this weekend and went to the Exploratorium on Pier 15 for the first time.  It has been on my bucket list for a while.  I thought it was more of a place for children but is it a great museum for people of all ages!  My toddlers were fascinated but even I was intrigued by all the exhibits that were a mix of scientific thought provoking and artistic.

General Admission is $29.95 for adults, $19.95 for Youth 4-12 and children 3 and under are FREE!  If you say you are doing it for a preschool field trip you can get a discount.  It is open Tuesday-Sunday from 10-5pm. Closed Monday’s.

The museum is broken up by 6 exhibits.  1- Human Phenomena, 2- Getting Started (curiosity), 3- Seeing and Listening, 4- Living Systems, 5- Outdoor Exhibits, and 6- Observing Landscapes.  We were there for over 3 hours and didn’t even see half of it.

Some of our favorite things to do were the giant pin board.  You could stick your hand, head, face or foot in it and make neat shapes.  They also had a great station with blocks, tiles, and velcro parts to make bridges and 3D shapes.  There were spots with air to make balls float in the air that had my toddlers captivated.

My kids loved the Getting Started Exhibit the most.  It was right at the beginning and it was where we spent most of our time.  Th kids loved to turn all the gears and knobs and watch things work.  Don’t get hung up here all day because the other exhibits are just as cool.

A little further into the museum is the Seeing and Hearing exhibit.  It has several rooms with cameras set up to take pictures every 60 seconds so you can have fun with your shadows and the light.  There is also a 3D technicolor room that you can dance and move in.  Another room is full of musical instruments to play with and learn about how our ears work.  They even have an old fashioned jukebox.

Before you leave don’t forget to take a drink from their one of a kind toilet bowl drinking fountain.  It brought a disgusting smile to all our faces.

img_1952Parking can be tricky since it is located on the Embarcadero.  I recommend finding a flat rate all day garage and walking or you can take the train and cable cars.  Afterward we explored the museum we took a great walk along the Embarcadero.  It is really close to the Ferry Building if you are looking to grab something good to eat for lunch before, during, or afterward your stay.  Hope you have as much fun as we did when you visit the Exploratorium on your trip to San Francisco.

For more things to do in San Francisco check out my Ultimate List of Things to do in San Francisco post.

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