Ladybugs at Redwood Regional Park


Clusters of ladybugs come every winter to Redwood Regional Park and we had to check it out.  The ladybugs cluster there between November and February.  We went in the middle of January and saw plenty.  The park is located in the Oakland area.  There are two staging areas to get you on the Stream Trail which leads to the ladybugs.  Skyline Gate Staging area on Skyline drive is a steeper hike with lots of ups and downs.  We chose to take the Canyon Meadow Staging area on Redwood Road.  It was a much flatter and mostly paved path.  When you take Redwood Road into the park make your first left turn at a big sign.  Then drive all the way to the end of the road for the closest parking.  Parking is free from November-March and only $5 the other times of the year.  Once you park there are a bunch of picnic tables and a nice playground.  We stopped there on our way back and had lunch.  There are also plenty of bathrooms here and along the trail.


If you take the Stream Trail you will run into the ladybugs when you intersect Prince trail.  It is about a 3 mile hike round trip.  Not strenuous at all.  We had the kids in strollers most of the way.  It was pretty wet when we went.  Lots of water running over the trail and a few muddy spots but the strollers were fine.  Signs mark where the ladybugs are crossing.  Look closely because it is easy to miss.  When you spot them you will start to see them everywhere.  Be careful where you step.  Click here for more information about the park and other trails.



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