Christmas Elf on the Shelf Tradition

We started the Elf on the Shelf tradition this year with our two little boys and they have LOVED it!  I planned out a bunch of Christmas activities we would be doing throughout the month and then placed Mark (our Elf) each morning doing something that would represent what we were doing for the day.  The kids loved finding Mark every morning and the activities have kept us busy having fun all season long.  I’m sure this will be a lasting tradition for years to come.  Here is a simple list of things we did and the activities we planned for each day.

  • Set up the tree- elf with Christmas ornaments
  • Start an advent Calendar- elf with count down calendars
  • Hang Christmas window decals- elf with stickers
  • Read a new Christmas Book-elf with books
  • Make Gingerbread House-elf with gingerbread house supplies
  • Go to a live nativity-elf by baby Jesus or nativity
  • Go on a holiday lights train ride- elf on the shelf riding a train
  • Go bowling as a family- elf candy bowling
  • Decorate cookies-elf on the shelf making snow angel in sprinkles or flour
  • Watch a Christmas Movie-elf with popcorn and movie
  • Hang up stockings- Elf inside the stockings
  • Make snowflakes-elf with scissors and paper
  • Donate to the food bank- elf  with can pyramid
  • Elf on the shelf candy cane scavenger hunt
  • Elf on the shelf tissue box blowing nose
  • Elf with candy kisses
  • Elf with Mistletoe
  • Have Hot Cocoa-elf on the shelf in cup with marshmallows
  • Go Caroling- Elf playing the piano
  • Elf on the shelf shaving in bathroom-shaving cream fight or santa beards
  • Have indoor snowball fight – Elf on the shelf indoor snowball fight cotton balls
  • Make a Snowman-elf with toilet paper rolls  do you want to build a snowman
  • Elf on the shelf building christmas tree with duplos
  • elf on the shelf fishing for goldfish in sink
  • Elf on the shelf pushing up two marshmallows as weights go to the gym
  • Elf on the shelf toilet paper rolled down the hall days left until Christmas
  • Elf on the shelf in bathroom brushing teeth
  • Elf on the shelf silly string fights
  • Paint snow project-elf on the shelf with paintbrush
  • Elf on the shelf in fridge have egg nog
  • Elf on the shelf riding a dinosaur
  • Elf on the shelf cleaning window
  • Elf on the shelf twister
  • Elf on the shelf freezer ice cream
  • Elf on the shelf tied up in floss
  • Elf on the shelf snowman donuts
  • Write letter to Santa-elf with Pen and Paper

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